Young Hopes in Elderly Arms (2003, 8 mins, DV)

The film looks at the impact of HIV/AIDS in Thailand 20 years after the virus was first detected. Many of those who contracted the sickness at this time have now died, leaving behind young children, and their older relatives.

Alt Young Hopes

It is this generation, of older people, on whom the virus has taken a huge toll. Not only have they had to take care of their sick children, they also have to bear the responsibility of looking after their orphaned grandchildren. Further, in the absence of traditional support structures, they must take care of themselves.

This feature tell the story of one such family in Sanpatong district in the northern Thai province of Chiang Mai, whose life changed forever after the untimely death of their daughter, Toy and her husband, Korn. Many older people in Thailand find themselves in a similar situation.

Written and Directed by: Teena Amrit Gill
Camera: Teena Amrit Gill
Editing: Matt Blauer

A film for HelpAge International, Regional Dev. Centre (Asia Pacific)

Commissioned by: HelpAge International & HelpAge Asia-Pacific

Young Hopes in Elderly Arms from Teena Gill on Vimeo.

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